• FolkConnect

    An India/UK Artistic Collaboration

    FolkConnect is a programme run by Project Folk Log that aims to pair up and develop exciting collaborations between artists across the UK and folk artists in India. For this first edition of FolkConnect, Project Folk Log in partnership with British Council India invites UK-based artists to submit applications responding to traditional Indian folk art forms (from the list below).

    This project is a pilot and looks to engage with three different pairs of artists. The aim is to revive folk art forms and to support long-lasting relationships between these countries. Each artist will be given an honorarium to take part in the project. Project Folk Log will also provide a platform for sharing in the form of an established digital festival with global contemporary audiences.

    Each UK artist will be paired up with an Indian folk artist from Project Folk Log’s network. The programme will continue over a period of 4 months and will culminate in a showcase at the Folk Log International Festival in March 2021. Each virtual performance piece, emerging from the collaborations between the UK and Indian artists, will need to be around 10-15 minutes long.

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    *UK artists should make their applications as individuals. Prior knowledge or conversations with Indian artists is NOT a prerequisite for this programme.


    - The programme is a 4-month virtual residency that will partner one UK-based artist with one Indian folk artist from the Project Folk Log network. In total, this project is looking to support 3 exchanges.

    - Applicants will be asked to respond to one of the listed artforms as part of the application process and the final selections and pairings will be made by the panel of judges. Each of the 3 artists from the UK will be paired up with an artist in India.

    - The artists will digitally interact with each other for a month. After the interactions, they will be given a month to produce and develop their work of art and/or virtual performance. At the end of the residency, this work will be presented online at the Folk Log International Festival*.

    - At the end of the residency the 3 selected artists pairs will co-produce a digital work of art or virtual performance.

    *Projected audience reach: 250,000. Based on average viewership of online festivals previously organised by Project Folk Log.

    Project Folk Log and British Council India will provide the following:

    - Connection to an Indian folk artist to collaborate on a virtual performance piece.

    - A platform for international visibility - Folk Log International Festival in March 2021.

    - A facilitator to mediate the exchange, who will attend all the meetings between the Indian and the UK artists.

    - Support in the form of facilitating the production for the final virtual performance.

    - An honorarium of 500GBP (which includes the artist’s time, and any additional materials they may require to participate in this exchange and deliver the final work/performance).

    With this in mind, we welcome applications from artists in the UK who belong to either of the following categories:

    1- Folk musicians or practitioners of traditional/classical arts who are interested in co-creating artistic work with the network of Indian traditional folk artists mentioned below.

    2- Performing artists (including modern art forms: dancers, storytellers, musicians, theatre practitioners, etc) who are interested in co-creating artistic work with the network of Indian traditional folk artists mentioned below.

    3- Visual artists (including photographers, painters, and graphic designers) who are interested in exploring creative partnerships with the network of Indian traditional folk artists mentioned below.


    To be eligible to apply for the FolkConnect programme you must:

    1- Be a citizen or resident of the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland).

    2- Have a minimum of 3 years of experience in the art form you’re applying with (and have links to work online).

    3- Be willing to pair with an artist/company in India to create work collaboratively.

    4- Be able to attend 8 Zoom meetings to develop the project between December and January.

    5- Be able to take part in the performance (live or pre-recorded) on March 7, 2021.


    We use the term ‘folk arts of India’ to refer broadly to cultural practices that express, through distinct and unique forms of visual or performance art, the traditions and beliefs of indigenous communities of India.

    - UK applicants may practice traditional or contemporary arts and may want to work with an artist from a different creative discipline, but must respond to the artforms indicated below. A musician may, for instance, express an interest in applying to work with a puppeteer.

    Art form Art Form Genre
    Manganiar folk music MUSIC
    Traditional puppetry PUPPETRY
    Pattachitra (painting) PAINTING- FINE ARTS
    Chhau (dance) DANCE
    Oggu katha (folk theatre) THEATRE
    Runja (music - percussion) MUSIC
    Folk songs MUSIC
    Ojapali (folk storytelling) STORYTELLING
    Kudiyattam (traditional theatre) THEATRE

    All applicants must complete the online application form and send in their proposals by the application deadline of November 30, 2020 (11:59 p.m. BST).

    Proposals should include the following information:

    - Which traditional Indian art form you wish to work with and respond to.

    - Examples of ways you would like to respond to the Indian art form.

    - The art form/experience you will be bringing to the project.

    - What you hope to gain from the exchange.

    After reviewing the applications, our panel of judges (including representatives from British Council India and Project Folk Log) may request additional information from applicants.

    All applicants will be notified of the status of their applications in the first week of December, 2020. The Fellowship will begin on December 10, 2020. The 3 complete works should be submitted for review the first week of February 2021 and will be presented in the first week of March 2021 at the Folk Log International Festival.

    Application deadline November 30 (11:59 p.m. BST)
    Fellows to be notified by First week of December
    Virtual interactions 8 Sessions to take place between December and January. These meetings will be centred around interactions with the Indian folk artist that the concerned Fellow has been partnered with and may involve guest speakers from British Council India and Project Folk Log’s network of leading artists and cultural changemakers.
    Artistic production Final sharing will be on March 7

    For any further questions, please write to folk.connect.fellowship@gmail.com or arupa.dreams@gmail.com.