Meet The Team

Vandana Pant : Founder, Chief Creative Officer

The creative director and troubleshooter of all problems, Vandana is the brain behind Folk Log. The idea for this massively cool project was born out of a pure moment in which she wanted to capture all the fascinating stories she heard from her mother, stories that seemed to exist nowhere but in memory. Thus, she embarked on a journey to restore these gems to all of us.

Arupa Lahiry : Head Content Strategist

A Bharatnatyam danseuse, Arupa’s very soul thrives on art and culture. Her vast and diverse knowledge of Indian culture, heritage and artforms is the guiding force behind every new journey at Folk Log. She directs the creative energies in the office and makes sure that the content emerging from our archives is perfect in all aspects.

Priya Naresh : Creative Director Films

Priya is the energy center of Folk Log, she is always buzzing with ideas, and overseeing a team of visual artists that are the brawn behind the content. She is the producer, designer, cinematographer and editor all in one. Her keen eye for detail and precision gives Folk Log the finesse that it exhibits.

Aanandita : Creative Director Copy

Aanandita is the always writer and sometimes CTO at Folk Log, whose favourite thing to do is to tell people to switch it off and back on again. According to her, this applies to brains as well. She is a bit of everything and sticks her head into all the rooms to ideate and discuss, then head back to the thing that she should be doing, managing the online presence of Folk Log.

Radhika Bali : Manager Administrtion

Our in-house problem solver, Radhika is the one who keeps the Folk Log machinery running smoothly. She takes care of the logistics and feeds us when we forget to fuel our brains. She is surrounded with numbers on excel sheets, phones and calculators all day, and is the only one who can read them like Neo reads the Matrix.

Abhishek Sharma : VFX Artist, Editor

The chillest guy you will ever know, Abhishek is executor of all ideas at Folk Log. You can throw any product at him and he will catch it, put it through the rigors of After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator or Photoshop, and make it look excellent.

Tenzin Phuntsok : VFX Artist, Editor

The coolest cucumber there was, Tenzin’s zen is enviable. He is the amiable one who quietly churns out story after story without any hullabaloo. He has an excellent eye for aesthetics and is a graphics artist with flair.