Core Team

Vandana Pant : Founder and Director

The troubleshooter of all problems, Vandana is the brain behind FolkLog. The idea for this massively cool project was born out of a pure moment in which she wanted to capture all the fascinating stories she heard from her mother, stories that seemed to exist nowhere but in memory. Thus, she embarked on a journey to restore these gems to all of us.

Arupa Lahiry : Head Content Strategist

A Bharatnatyam danseuse, Arupa‚Äôs very soul thrives on art and culture. Her vast and diverse knowledge of Indian culture, heritage and artforms is the guiding force behind every new journey at Folklog. She directs the creative energies  and makes sure that the content emerging from our archives is perfect in all aspects.

Priya Naresh : Creative Director Films

Priya is the energy centre of Folklog, she is always buzzing with ideas, and overseeing a team of visual artists that are the brawn behind the content. She is the producer, designer, cinematographer and editor all in one. Her keen eye for detail and precision gives Folklog the finesse that it exhibits.

Arati Ghosh : Director - Design & Strategic Alliances

Arati has broad ranging experience in the fields of visual and brand design, project management and retail merchandising. Besides sharing her aesthetic vision, she also looks after business development and stakeholder management. She has also founded two businesses of her own - an interior design firm and a dance studio. 

Jyoti Suri : Operations and Partnerships Strategist

Jyoti has extensive experience in the domain of business management and she oversees operations, process streamlining, capacity building and collaborations.

Project Consultants

Aanandita : Creative Writer

Abhishek Sharma : VFX Artist, Editor

Tenzin Phuntsok : VFX Artist, Editor