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The colorful, mesmerizing folk storytelling traditions are as much yours as they are ours. There is an urgent need to protect and preserve these stories before they disappear in the sands of time.

We, at Folklogue Studios Pvt. Ltd., created Project Folklog in 2015 with an aim to bridge the chasm between the new Indian generation and their roots. India has a huge reservoir of both visual and performative storytelling forms that include unique and diverse regional flavours, which is why we felt the urgent need to save these in a time of media epidemic.

In 2019, the prestigious grant Digital Open Call from British Council India helped us take the project further, in terms of documentation and archiving. With this grant, we were able to visit four states of India, namely West Bengal, Telangana, Delhi-NCR & Uttar Pradesh, and document more than 400 stories and art forms. The documentation included artists performing their art forms in their homes, making the archive both colorful and rich by content.

Team Folk Log runs purely on passion and we need your support in our mission. For our next phase, we want you to become a part of our journey and inspire us to document more stories. Contribute to our endeavour and become a part of the Folk Log family!

Write to us at and contact us: 9810502695 to contribute.

Here is the breakdown of the payment model.


Rs. 40-50 lakhs

You are the power of FolkLog!

Watch us archive 75 plus stories and art forms for your state where each story carries your logo and we run your profile interview on our youtube channel. Folklog "Thank you" hamper is all yours to enjoy too.



Rs. 25-40 lakhs

You are a FolkLog star.

We archive 50 plus stories from your state and our website carries your profile for coming five years besides our supercool "Thank you" hamper created for you.


Rs. 10-25 lakhs

You are the hero of FolkLog.

We archive 50 stories from your state and you earn a special mention on our website. FolkLog "Thank You" hamper is all yours to enjoy too.



Under a lakh but above Rs. 50,000

You are a FolkLog sponsor.

Your help aides 35 above stories to be archived with your logo. And you will love the "Thank You" hamper from us.


Between Rs. 5,000-50,000

You are a FolkLog missionary.

The aid will archive any number of stories between 15-35 and you win a special mention in the beginning of the stories besides the "Thank You" hamper of FolkLog.



Below, Rs 5,000

You are the FolkLog champion.

Your support will archive at least 3 stories and we will carry a special mention of yours in our website. You will also be the proud possessor of FolkLog goodies.


Rs. 500

You are a FolkLog friend.

We archive a story and you receive wonderful FolkLog goodies from us.