Project Folk Log

Stories are the keys to our lost childhood. As Indians, we hail from a rich tradition of oral storytelling, which is on the verge of extinction today.

Project Folk Log is here to rediscover the magical stories of Ellma, Alha Udal, Nartaki Rani, Beerappa Swamy, Bangoma Bangomi and many more. The team behind this project is a culturally diverse group of people trying to preserve and protect this dying art of storytelling, an endeavour made all the more relevant in the era of television and social media.

Project Folklog is a Flagship Initiative of Folklogue Studios Pvt. Ltd and has been collecting, translating, documenting, reimagining and archiving folk stories and performative storytelling forms across India for the past decade.

Folklogue Studios has been a part of many history-based projects including three museums within the Red Fort, the Museum of Resilience at Kutch, the Museum of Socialism, Lucknow and historical light and sound shows in Yanam, Bindusagar, Diu, Tilyar Lake, and Gorakhpur.

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