The Legacy of the Manganiars

  • Original
  • Hindi
  • Rajasthan

A detailed interview with Sawai Gazi Khan, the son of legendary Kartal player, Gazi Khan Barna. The young Manganiyar, Sawai, is keeping the legacy alive for this tribe of folk musicians from the land of deserts, the beautiful Rajasthan. In this interview, he tells Project Folk Log the role of Manganiyars in various festivals and joyous occasions. Sawai also talks about the songs sung in different seasons, the ragas and the relation between the patron and the musician during this interview. He mentions legendary Komal Kothariji who took the art forms of Rajasthan to the world stage. The interview explores the lyrics and themes that are part of the Manganiyar repertoire and how music is an integral part of Manganiyar life.

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